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Empress, your vest has fallen!

Empress, your vest has fallen!



Cristine Jane Hernandez is a sarcastic woman with a tender heart. She excels in all areas. She has various identities. Her life is fraught with danger. It was a coincidence that she ran into Tristan Guevarra. She is unsure whether or not this is a good thing. Should she reveal her identity to him? Or is she even aware of who she is? In both academic and athletic circles, Tristan Guevarra is regarded as a genius. His arrogance and disposition have been ingrained in him from birth. His life is shrouded in secrecy. All the females like him, so why did he fall in love with a girl who couldn't even tell him her secret? Or does he have a secret of his own? Both of them have their own issues to deal with, but will they choose each other or stick to their own priorities?

Chapter 1

“Her family turns out not to be her family, her best friend turns out to be an enemy, her lover turns out to be not the person she thought, and herself turns out to be a person of unknown background.

Cristine Jane Hernandez wishes for a calm life, but no one will let her have it. She couldn't understand why her life was so dangerous and perilous. Until she discovered that she was the daughter of someone else.

Everything she had known her entire life had been a lie. Her initial reaction was to flee, but she remained rational and considered the people who cared about her. They were only acting in her best interests. Everyone wants to protect her, including her parents, brother, best friend, and lover.

It is necessary to break the pattern of people sacrificing their lives for her. She is capable, but she as

pires to be much more capable. She is intelligent, but she aspires to become even more so. She toughens up and suppresses her soft side before charging into battle with a strong heart.

But, along the way, she was safeguarded by the man she had given up.

"You can give up whatever you want, but you won't be able to stop me from loving you." - Tristan

Will it be able to eliminate the secrets that keep stacking up? In everyone's eyes, she is a perfect woman.

How long can you keep going?

What is the longest distance you can walk?

How long do you think you'll be able to fight?

Because, honey, I am a flesh-and-blood witness! I'll be watching you from afar to see how your story ends.”

She read each line of her work with enthusiasm. Each of the chosen people's biographies is kept in a notebook.

End of Text.

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