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Ben Chris


"Please, sir, don't do this to me", I pleaded with a teary eye. " Shut up, that's what you get for making my life miserable for the past few years", he snarled at me before thrusting brutally inside of me. Isabelle is a sweet and hotter girl, she is a beauty to behold but when her world crumbled, she needed a job to sustain herself and her dying grandma. She relocated back to America with her grandma to secure a better job. But what happens when she finds herself as her ex-boyfriend's secretary? The guy she rejected and left heartbroken for the past few years ago. Hunter is the American youngest bachelor, he is a billionaire, he built his empire when he was 25-years old, he was a well-known playboy, his face is incredibly alluring and he is a charmer. Girls throw themselves at him. His life was moving the way he wanted until his secretary had a problem and needed to quit the job. The work was too much for him so he needed a new secretary to fill in the vacancy, and carry on with the work. What happens when the new secretary happens to be his ex-girlfriend, the one he still craved for?

Chapter 1

Hunter Pov:

I am Hunter Smit, the American youngest billionaire, and the charming bachelor who built his empire at the age of 25, the guy with the alluring and incredible face based on what the girls always describe me to be, though is all true, the girls all want to have a thing with me but I always end up only having just a one-night stand with them, I am called a player with no human conscious because I discard them once am through with them. Am not like this but my life and behavior changed after the day my ex-girlfriend rejected my proposal and left me heartbroken after eloping with my best friend to God knows where.

It still felt real, I still remembered exactly how everything happened back then, we were known as the golden couples in the college, our love was so strong that another couple's tried to imitate us, she gave me the reason to experienced love and know how it felt, back then I wasn't rich though I can provide for myself I was not well built, I didn't come from a rich family, I took the money meant for my father's treatment and gave to Isabelle my girlfriend then, for her to use it and defend her school project and to use the other remaining one to pay her school fees, I was mad over hill for her. I even thought that we both felt the same until the day she left me shattered and hopeless.

The day we graduated, I decided to propose to her, so I used my last budget to organize a small party. I invited a lot of people including my best friend James. When she entered she looked breathtaking and hotter to ignore, I slowly moved towards her and knelt in front of her. I wanted to surprise her but I ended up getting rejected.

"Hey, my world, the only thing that makes sense to me in this world, you showed me what true love means, I love you and want you to be the mother of my kids and bedtime partner forever", I said cheerfully to her, but instead of her to smile or looked surprised, she looked at me with eye full pity. She moved back and glanced at James then at me before spitting the venom.

" Hunter, you are a good guy and you deserve a better person, not me, I can't accept your proposal and our relationship is over. That's what I came to tell you today", she said calmly to me as if she didn't do anything. She grimaced her hand and left the party without saying any other words to me, I can't believe our four years relationship just ended like this.

I ended the party since the invitees are now looking at me with pity, I was only left with my bestie, who was trying to console my broken heart.

"Hey, buddy, that's not the end of the world, if she doesn't want you again, you just have to move on with your life. Besides, there are a lot of girls out there who want you and will accept you the way you are", he said e

ncouraging me. But I know he won't understand how I am feeling because he never involves himself in love, so he doesn't know what it means to lose the one that you loved.

Throughout the week, James stayed with me, to help me move on, which was a very hard thing to do. Isabella didn't even pick up my calls, she blocked my line, I don't even know her way about till after the day James left my house, I was strolling through my phone when a message popped In front of my screen, it is from our college group chat, I opened it and felt numbed, it can't be possible that my bestie is having an affair with my girlfriend. I saw a video of James and my Isabella kissing in his car passionately, so Isabella was cheating on me all this while with James.

I quickly took the key to my father's truck and drive down to James house with anger, once I arrive at his house, I knocked at his gate with fury, he opened his gate and was surprised to see me throwing glares his way, I rushed to him and throw punches at his face, he stumbled back before regaining his balance but I didn't give him the chance to reciprocate before I hit him again. Blood had already started gushing out of his mouth, I tried to punch him again before he pushed me back, stopping me from hitting him again.

" what the fuck was that for"? He asked me angrily.

"Don't pretend like you do not know what you did"? I said to him with a scowled expression.

" How do you expect me to know what is happening when you rush your ass here throwing punches at my face", he said to me.

"So, you were having an affair with my Isabella at my back and fucking came to my house to console me", I asked him when bricking back my tears to avoid him seeing it, he knows Isabella was my weakness and the only girl I have ever come to love in my life. He smiled at me before uttering his word. " Hunter, Hunter how many times did I call you, so you saw the video, I even thought you forgot your phone after you were rejected", he said smugly at me.

"How could you, why Isabella"? I asked him weakly because I am already confused.

" Isabella chooses me over you, she knows you can't take good care of her like the way I will do, so you better move on loser", he taunts me. I quickly rushed to him and landed him a blow, which made him fall helplessly on the ground but the gate opened immediately and Isabella came out.

I was expecting her to rush to me and tell me that all this was not true, that it was all a nightmare but instead she went to James to help him stand up, she looked at me with pity and pain but masked it before I have any chance to see it, she helped James to stand up, he glances at me with a victorious smile before entering inside with Isabella leaving me all alone there with pain and anguish.

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