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The supernaturals

The supernaturals

Abalt Diamond


In the process of ruling the whole kingdom by themselves, the four God's got themselves entangled which crumbled the whole kingdom. To make things right, a demigod was born. Will he be able to shoulder the responsibility?

Chapter 1




Written by

Awogbule Benjamin

I'm not just an ordinary being, I'm different from humans. I never get tired easily, furthermore, I am super strong, I run faster, heal quicker and can conjure lightning, fire and more which you will get to know when as time goes on.

My name is Eddie Brown Carter and I am 20 years old. My father was a werewolf before he died while my mum was a hybrid and still living but I am different from my parents. I have various powers and all of them have not even been discovered. My mum told me I was given my various powers for a reason. She even called me a demigod.

A long time ago, far from the world of humanity, there lived a world that was divided into four domains, held by four gods siblings. Two male and two females. Each with different powers.

Zeus who was the first brother ruling the East side of the kingdom was very kind and generous which made his domain prosperous. He has the power of lightning and some other powers

Athena, who has the power of fire, was the youngest of them. She was ruling the Northside of the kingdom.

Artemis was the second of them ruling the west domain. She has the power of life and death. She was a very vicious goddess which made her worshippers always frightened of her. She has no mercy on her people. Any slight mistake from you, the penalty is instant death.

And Hades who was the third is just like his second sister. The only difference was his powers. He has the power to control the wind.

The whole kingdom lived in peace and

harmony for a thousand years, soon everything started changing when Athena and Hades collided with each other to fight against Zeus and Artemis. They wanted the kingdom for themselves.

They started plotting on how to kill Zeus and Artemis but that seems because gods can't be killed with a mare weapon, they can only be killed by a sword called "Ancient Gladius"

Ancient Gladius is not just an ordinary weapon, It's a sword forge from the past souls of the dead gods. The sword was created by a sorcerer called " Adwen". Adwen created the Ancient Gladius during the first battle in the kingdom. The sword was used by the four gods' father to stop their enemies which was successful and after the battle, their father cast a spell on the sword and it vanished to where no one could find it.

Hades and Athena went on a mission to find the sword through the map their father left behind. Things got confused, the kingdom crumbled, blood was shed and no one knew what happened to the four gods till the present day, even their worshippers knew nothing about them. The only history left behind about them was the creation of supernatural beings like werewolves, vampires, Lycans and many more.

These creatures were powerful creatures but things became worse again when they all had some misunderstanding because of power.

This story revolves around gods, vampires, Lycans, werewolves and some other mythological creatures, then a demigod who was born to make things right.

With great powers, comes great responsibilities

Will he fulfil his destiny?

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