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Marked by the bully.

Marked by the bully.



Whenever she'd be asked about a thing in life that disgusted her the most, she would fume in anger and answer, "That bad bully bastard!"... shouting loudly, she would point at the round big corner table in the school canteen where he would sit with his bully gang. ********* Valentine, was adopted by  doctor Jason Pereira, of Dark Shine pack, an elder doctor who looked after the warriors and soldiers of the pack cum Alpha Hercules best buddy. Ryley Shine, was the son of Alpha Hercules and going to be alpha, and the bad bully bastard who loved to bully the wolves studying in the school, to be precise her... He hated her sight, her eyes, her smile, her heart beats, her tears... Everything about her just because She was his mate, A FUCKING HUMAN NAIVE NERDY MATE! Genre: Vampire/Werewolf Romance Teen fiction.

Chapter 1
The beginning!

11th August 2017,

Rogue attack happened on the outskirts territory of the red shine pack. All the trees were uprooted, fences around the Alpha's territory were broken clearly indicating the trespassing of the rogues. There were small pools of blood on every second step on the ground, furs and hairs of both human and wolves as well. There would have been a struggle made by the one who was attacked surely!

"Alpha! There is nothing in the south."... The warrior shouted loudly whilst peeping down on the ground from above the tree where he was standing in order to get clear and smooth access to the area. "I can see nothing in miles."... He continued to refer to his alpha, who stood with a sword in hand and blood covering his fair beard face.

He was tall, with fewer wrinkles around his eyes as compared to other wolves of his age, tall, well-built torso and pale yet shining skin. Sable brown eyes looking everywhere cautiously and the dead corpse of the rogues lying all around him blanketed with their blood. "Look briefly, I did hear soft muffles. I am sure there is someone there. I can sense something around. "... He spoke, cleaning the blade of his sword by rubbing it on the body of a dead rogue whilst bending down. Indeed, he was worthy to be an alpha not because of his noticeable talent but because he cared for each member in the pack equally. No matter, omega or a high class wolf.

Anyway, he slowly yet with heavy steps walked ahead in the west direction, "Ryley! Ryley!!!" Calling the name continuously. He jumped over the uprooted tree and stepped on the other side of it with a small sigh. His charcoal black hairs fell in front of his eyes making him look more handsome.

"Yes dad!"... And suddenly, there from his front, a guy, with similar Sable brown eyes and look alike features hopped out from within the bushes with a sword in his hand as well. Just the difference between him and the alpha was that he was the younger version of his father. A perfect replica.

"Uhh pardon, I mean, Alpha Hercules."... Ryley, the Alpha's hot son, winked at his father with a stuck out tongue.

"If I am not wrong then we are here for a purpose, aren't we?"... Alpha Hercules questioned with a sly smile entertaining his pink lips.

In turn, Ryley trailed his tongue round his teeth with an open mouth looking extremely adorable. "I suppose."... He walked towards his father ruffling his hairs with a tired sigh. "By the way, I found this-".... He removed a piece of necklace from his jeans pocket and handed it over to his father.

It was a diamond pendant with 'Valentine' written inside of the pendant.

Ryley bit his lower lip as his father closely examined the neck piece. "Jason, it's a girl named Valentine!"... Alpha Hercules talked over his link looking at the pendant, Ryley incredulously saw his father's face, and he knew he was on his link talking to Mr. Pereira, the doctor of their pack.

After he broke the link and looked back at his prince, Hercules smiled with

a brow raised up, "It is a girl Ryley, come on we need to search for her. Who knows if she proves out to be your mate! "... Alpha teased him, shrugging his shoulders lightly, he turned around handing the pendant to his son who kept the same in his pocket while sighing.

"Then it would be a Bad Valentine's Day!!!".... Alpha lightly chuckled hearing his son chip in a weary tone as they moved towards the south.

Alpha was told, the soldiers saw a pack of rogues intruding inside of the fence of their territory with a body of a person drenched in blood, clutched in the mouth of one of the rogues. They failed to see whether it was a girl or a guy, but whoever it was... Was bleeding badly.

The eyes were open, they even saw the hands of the person hitting on the nose of the animal but could not save her. While the rogue who had the body in his mouth took her away in the south, the others attacked on the soldiers preventing them from saving her.

And now, all the eight of the rogues were lying dead on the ground but sadly, the girl, neither dead nor alive could be found.

Alpha and his team were patiently searching for her. Three hours of empty search. Their territory that spread in acres of land was running silent in its mirth. The dangerous chirping of birds in the background was heart thumping. The sole of the shoes crushing the dry leaves on the ground made the little Vervet monkeys overhead to scream in amazement.

"Oh what a wonderful, wonderful day... Day I will never forget. After I'd wandered in darkness away... Jesus my Saviour, I met."... Alpha looked from his corner eyes over his son who was enjoying the walk. He frequently trimmed the hanging branches of the plants on his way ahead.

They kept moving further and further, the soldier that was on the tree conveying news of the place, jumped from one tree to another accompanying them wherever they walked together.

" O what a tender, compassionate friend, He met the need of my heart; Shadows dispelling, With joy I am telling, He made all the darkness depart. Heaven came down and glory filled my soul, When at the cross the Saviour made me whole;"... Alpha Hercules rolled his eyes, how on earth can anyone be so playful and sing at such a time!

Only can his son, Ryley.

Any which ways, they made their ways ahead with Ryley singing and singing, each time he sang a new line, his tune turned melodious. It was smooth until...

"Hercules!!!!!! Hereeee, under the banyan tree in the north!!!"... Doctor Jason screamed loudly, enthralling Alpha and Ryley's attention.

They promptly increased their speed and reached where they were told to, approximately after crossing seven miles, under the banyan tree. And what the two saw, just skipped their hearts.

She was lying lifelessly on her stomach with hairs covering her face and a chunk of her meat from the left side of her waist pulled out and the right arm broken from the forearm. "Huh! He-l-lp"... However, she was not dead!

To be continued...

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